• Etsy to Instagram Product Tagging Guide

    **July 2022 Updates** – The Savvy Seller app is now live! Create your FREE Savvy Seller account to create your shop catalog file to use with Facebook/Instagram.

    **September 2021 Updates** – There are new requirements from Facebook to be able to tag products coming from Etsy (called “Domain Verification”). Please see the updated Domain Verification post for details.

    Whether you are just starting out or have had an Etsy shop for awhile, Instagram is an awesome platform to use to promote your products online. The visual nature of Instagram makes it great for sharing handmade items and building your brand. One of the many features that Instagram has for product businesses is the product tagging feature (aka “Shopping”).

    This guide will go step-by-step through the process required to enable product tags in your Instagram business profile. Once the setup is complete, you will be able to add your Etsy products into your Instagram shop and start tagging them in your posts. Let’s get started!

    What this guide includes:

    What is Instagram Shopping?

    Instagram shopping is a feature available to business profiles, that allows store owners to tag their physical products on image posts and stories. Unlike swipe up, this feature is available to any approved business profile regardless of follower count (yay!). When tagging posts with product tags, a small info bubble shows up for users viewing your post and allows them to click through directly to your website product page. And once you have at least 9 tagged posts, a shop tab will show on your profile to filter down all your product posts for users to view. So, if you are looking for ways to gain more visibility to your products, and get around Instagram’s link limitations, try the steps below to apply for Shopping!

    Requirements for Approval

    What You Need to Get Started

    • Active accounts on: Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram
    • Facebook Business Page
    • Desktop computer
    • Smartphone

    Quick Start Checklist

    • Setup Facebook Business Manager account
    • Connect Instagram profile to business page
    • Verify Etsy domain (new Sept 2021!)
    • Create product catalog
    • Add test product to catalog
    • Wait for approval by Instagram/Facebook
    • Connect Instagram to product catalog
    • Add Etsy products to catalog
    • Create a new Instagram product post!

    Setup & Approval Process


    1. Open a web browser to
    2. Click the “Create Account” button to create an account. (If you already have a Facebook Business Manager account, login.)
    3. On the home screen there will be a section to create or claim a business page.
    4. Follow the on screen steps to link your current business page to the business manager.


    1. Open the Instagram app on your phone. Make sure you are logged into the Instagram account related to your Etsy shop.
    2. From your profile, go into Settings > Account > Switch to Professional Account.
    3. Choose Business type account
    4. Follow the steps to connect your profile to the correct Facebook business page, and verify any contact information. (If your profile is already setup as a business profile, verify that it is connected to the correct Facebook business page.)


    **For complete explanation and detailed steps for how to set this up, see the post here.


    1. Within Facebook Business Manager.
    2. In the top left corner, select the “Business Manager” menu.
    3. Under “Assets”, click “Catalogs”. Then click “Create Catalog”.
    4. Select “E-commerce” as catalog type, then click next.
    5. In the first dropdown, select your business page as the catalog owner.
    6. In the “Catalog Name” field, enter “Etsy – <shopname>”, then click create. (Replace “<shopname>” with the actual name of your shop)
    7. Once the catalog is created, click the “View Catalog” button.


    • From the catalog page, click the “Add Products” button.
    • Select the “Add Manually” option, then click next.
    • Fill out all the fields on the form for one of your products, then click “Add Product”. (Only add one product at this time to verify the connection to Instagram is successful. You will add the rest of your products in a later section.)
    • Once the product is added, click Done.


    1. In the Instagram app > Settings > Business
    2. Click “Sign Up for Shopping”
    3. Follow the prompts to select the product catalog you created above and submit your profile for approval.
    4. Now you wait. Instagram approval can be immediate or take a few days. To check the status, you can follow the same steps and click the “Sign Up for Shopping” to see the progress.
    5. If you are approved, move onto the below steps for adding your products to the catalog.
    6. If you are NOT approved, see the troubleshooting ideas and helpful links below to see if you can figure out why you were not approved.

    Adding Etsy Products to the Catalog

    Request Your FREE Etsy Shop Catalog File

    Shop Catalogs is a tool inside Savvy Seller, built as a quick and easy tool for you to get all the data you need from Etsy and in the right format for Facebook in one simple click. Create your FREE Savvy Seller account to get a personalized shop file that is ready to configure in your Facebook Product Catalog in Business Manager.

    Tagging Products on Instagram

    Once you are approved and your products are loaded, tagging products is pretty simple within Instagram. Your catalog products will be available to tag when adding a new post, story, or when editing an existing post.

    Common Issues & Troubleshooting

    If you are encountering issues, try one or more of these fixes:

    • Ensure that your Facebook page’s “category” (Page > About) isone that is business related. (See Facebook Page Categories)
    • In Facebook > Page > Settings > Instagram, make sure that your page is connected to the correct Instagram account.
    • In Facebook Business Manager > Catalogs, click your Etsy catalog and go into the settings. There is a section for Connected Instagram Business Profiles, click the Manage Profiles button and review the status of your approval/connection. You can also check the status within Instagram > Settings > Business > Sign Up for Shopping.
    • Convert your Instagram profile back to personal, and then go through the steps again to set up business profile. (Only do as last option, as this will wipe out your analytics and business settings.)

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